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01) Do you think we were efficient in suggesting you the best type of room depending on your needs?
02) Did you perceive our smile and enthusiasm during our phone call?
03) Were we welcoming friendly and smiling?
04) Were check in and check out quick?
05) Did we give you our best simile?
06) Did we pay the due care and attention to your needs?
07) Were we prompt and accurate in statisfying your requests?
Did we exceed your expectations?

09) Were rooms and housekeeping up to your expectations?
10) Did we give you a heavenly night?
11) Did you find the comfort you expected?

12) Was your breakfast wonderful?
13) Were we smiling in greeting you "good morning"?

14) Were you satisfied with the quality of our room service products?
15) Was our food and beverage service quick and accurate?
16) Were you satisfied with the restaurant cuisine?
17) Were our prices adequate to service and food quality?

18) Were common areas comfortable and tidy?
19) What about our barmen? Were they friendly and professional?
20) Did you enjoy our SPA for your relaxation?
21) What about our suggestions? Were they useful and well tailored to your personal requests?

22) Give your opinion and suggestions to cuddle you better during your next stay

Compliments give us enthusiasm, criticism helps us grow! We will do everything possible to improve the critical areas and ensure that your satisfaction will always go beyond your expectations.